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About Us

Who are we?

Sheila and Jeff Cotton,

Owners and Founders, Zeke’s Candy Company

Zeke’s Candy Company, formerly Cotton’s Candy Kitchen Co., is owned and operated by Sheila and Jeff Cotton and has been in operation since 1988. Our primary product has been and always will be real old fashioned butterscotch candy. That’s me, Sheila, over there on the left, and I’m the social one so I’ll be telling our story. Jeff is the science guy who does most of the candy making and technical work and founded OpenSkyRadio, a non-profit corporation that has built and operates 3 community radio stations, KDUP & KVYA in Cedarville, California and KLAP.FM in Gerlach, Nevada.

Zeke was my uncle and the most colorful character in my family and it was my family’s recipe for butterscotch that started our business.

Do you REALLY want to know MORE about us? That’s the short story. The adventures we’ve had along the way of following the Great American Dream will take awhile longer to tell. It’s a long story. There’s Air Force One, the David Lettterman show, the Zekemobile Plan to deliver the country’s gripes to Washington, DC, The Grateful Dead, Willie Nelson and hundreds of other musicians who loved our candy and hospitality in our restaurant/nightclubs. It’s been a wild ride and if you REALLY want to know, well, I’ll tell ya. And I’ll even show you what we look like today, two decades later But it’ll take awhile so I’ll post bits, pieces, and pictures over time on our Facebook Page until the story is up to date. I’ll also send the updates along with special offers in our e-newsletters.