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Zeke's Butterscotch

Zeke’s Butterscotch Ingredients

Zeke’s Butterscotch gets its unique flavor from the ingredients themselves and not some artificial flavoring that comes from a laboratory. The reason for that is that Zeke got his recipe from his mother, Old Wuss as she was called, who found it in a cookbook that was published in Chicago around 1860, way before imitation flavors were invented. So REAL butterscotch is made with real ingredients and it is truly a treat. The main ingredient, Hawaiian pure cane sugar is essential. The cheaper beet sugars and corn sweeteners each produce an off-taste and lack the rich, robust flavor we strive for in Zeke's. And what would REAL Butterscotch be without butter; we use only Grade AA Creamery Butter and lots of it. The other primary ingredient is fancy unsulphered molasses and that’s what gives Zeke’s Butterscotch its deep, rich flavor. The apple cider vinegar in the candy creates a chemical reaction that softens the butterscotch when it is warmed - as in your mouth, and that’s when you’ll start drooling.

Oh my, it is so so good that you’ll just want to chew it to get more of that juicy, buttery flavor. Two more minor but very important ingredients are water (pure and natural) and salt. So there you have it. If I tell you any more, you’ll know how to make it yourself!

An important part of enjoying Zeke’s Butterscotch is to know how to suck on it. Novices will bite it, then chew it into little pieces before it softens and never get the true flavor. Those with patience will follow our advice and suck on a piece until it’s gone. True aficionados have learned to let it warm up then rock it carefully between their teeth to squeeze out more of that fabulous flavor. We don’t recommend that method, it’s just what we’ve learned to do after pulling lots of fillings.